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Whether you need to find top IT talent, your next great job opportunity or a consulting solution for managing your business and resourcing challenges, we can help.

We keep your recruitment needs simple. As an IT Engineering, Outsourcing and Staffing Company, HANDS & BRAINS has a better understanding than most about finding and placing hard-to-find contracts and permanent IT talents.

About US

 HANDS & BRAINS is a young and dynamic  Engineering, Outsourcing and Staffing Company focused on IT, with a simple goal in mind – to always make our clients’ and candidates’ recruiting experience an easy and efficient one.

We’re not here to waste your time, so we start by keeping our message short and sweet, right here on this website. You’ve read the lengthy presentations where repetition is prevalent, and clicked through links (and links) on websites repeating essentially the same message in different words – so why not cut through all the noise out there, save time and see words in action with HANDS & BRAINS!

Our Ethics in Action:

Our future is about more than just technology. It’s about people. It’s about our communities and surroundings, and how we work together to keep it together. To serve the underserved. So we go the extra mile to make trustworthy decisions, take responsible action, encourage and create positive impact.


Our Mission is possible:

We’re for insights that make an impact, expertise that outthinks the most perplexing challenge, agility that generates new momentum and a collaborative approach that makes ideas jump off the whiteboard. Transformation never plays solo. An active partnership is how you activate change.

Why We are unique and different?

 IT Engineering, Outsourcing and Staffing  should be simple. We link great people to great companies. Everyone says the same thing, so how do you stand out? It’s through how we make our clients and candidates FEEL through our outstanding personal and professional approach, that makes us UNIQUE.

Having worked in different environments big and small, we wanted to go back to the time when we entered the world of IT Engineering, Outsourcing and Staffing. Yes the world has changed, but most disappointing for us, was watching the way the treatment of clients and candidates was declining over the years. In this age of information overload, distractions and online updates, do we deal with commodities or real people? Do we best serve and help our clients and candidates, or are we only focused on our selfish internal company interests?

We commit to cultivating our relationships by ensuring consistent contact, and always dealing with our clients and candidates in a fair, honest and transparent manner. We appreciate some of our competitors do this fairly well some of the time, but at HANDS & BRAINS we do it ALL the time and to the highest standard!

Our Services

Whether you’re a start-up or you have thousands of employees, we can grow with you and adapt our services to fit your needs. We provide IT Engineering, Outsourcing and Staffing solutions for clients in Belgium, France, Switzerland and Luxembourg. We follow the principle of Honesty, Transparency, and Trust with our clients to maintain a long-term relationship.


We want to get to know you and your company, so we understand your business and find the right candidate(s) to suit your environment. Your specific requirements are met by having a full understanding of your project, and what you are looking to achieve by having the best available IT professional on-board. 

We understand your time is valuable, so by working together in an open and collaborative manner, we manage your needs more effectively. As a result of this, we also engage better with the more discerning and competent candidates, who seek more credibility via information shared and details of our client partnership approach.


You are not just a number and you deserve our time, so we want you to feel comfortable in all of your dealings with us.  

We are committed to finding the best opportunity available for you, and to take a proactive approach to assist in your job search at all times.

We aim to give you feedback in a timely manner and to encourage you to work closely with us.

Our services

Permanent Outsourcing Services

Temporary or Contract Outsourcing Services

Executive Search Services

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people!

We believe people are more than the skills they pick up, their work experiences, or the designations they hold. Because to build anything that lasts - be it a company, a social movement or an institution - we need to connect on a level beyond all that. We are human beings with aspirations and values, not human resources. We understand that hiring the best people is the most important task. So we hired the best people to build our own team and those of our customers. Since inception, we've known that we are only as good as the team we develop. Our consultants are highly skilled at providing a tailored recruitment service to meet your individual needs. We understand that every requirement is different and deliver our services accordingly, taking pride in our ability to precisely match the best candidates to great companies.

How does Hands & Brains work?

Job Analysis
Let us discuss the important job details and we will choose a recruitment strategy suitable for your requirements.
Our service methodology
We practice the Full Life Cycle Outsourcing and Staffing procedure sourcing, screening, conducting preliminary telephone interviews to ensure technical and interpersonal fitment, offer negotiation.
Recommendation and Interview Support
Present the best candidates, schedule interviews, follow up, overcome objections and extend offer.
Hired the candidate
You pay us only when the candidate joins the company.

Whether it’s transforming your business, building an all-star team or finding the right fit for your professional ambitions, we’re in it with you. Let’s innovate and reinvent. Let's make change together.

Hands & Brains

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